Canadian Boat License Replacement Card

Has your Pleasure Craft Operator Card been lost, stolen or damaged? We can replace your official Canadian Pleasure Craft Operator Card or issue extra cards that you can store at home, at the cottage or in your tackle box.

  • Buy 3 cards for  $           11.65 per card

    Buy 3 cards for

    $ 11.65 per card
    Total $ 34.95 + taxes

    Best deal save 53%

  • Buy 2 cards for  $           14.98 per card

    Buy 2 cards for

    $ 14.98 per card
    Total $ 29.95 + taxes

  • Buy 1 card for  $           24.95 per card

    Buy 1 card for

    $ 24.95 + taxes

How to replace a boating license in Canada

To replace a lost or damaged Pleasure Craft Operator Card, you will need to contact the original course provider for a replacement card.

Fill out the contact form below to request a replacement card from the National Boating Safety School. Once we receive your request and locate your file in our system, we will send you a secure payment link to place your order.


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    Please attach of photo of your current Pleasure Craft Operator Card if possible

    If we have your file, we will contact you within 24 hours to finalize your order, If we don't have your file, we will email you instructions on how to contact Transport Canada.


    Why should you have a replacement boater card?

    Boaters often get multiple cards in case one goes missing or for convenience reasons. For example, they keep one in their boat at all times, one in their wallet and another in the house or cottage.

    Here are some good reasons to keep an extra boater card:

    • Having a spare card handy in case you lose your boating license again
    • Keeping a card in your vehicle in case you visit someone else’s cottage
    • Keeping a card in all of your boats
    • Keeping a card in your tackle box
    • You must have your card on board at all times when you are driving a motorized boat

    Lost your boater’s license? Avoid getting fined!

    Did you know that having an official Pleasure Craft Operator Card on board your boat is required at all times or you could face a $250 fine? Printouts of your Operator Card are not accepted as legal evidence of competency. Boat license cards issued by the National Boating Safety School are accepted everywhere in Canada, ensuring you don’t run the risk of a penalty for a lost license.

    How to keep your Pleasure Craft Operator Card safe

    Here are some tips for keeping your Pleasure Craft Operator Card safe from damage, theft or misplacement:

    • Keep your original PCOC in a safe and secure location (e.g. a fireproof safe)
    • Obtain a replacement PCOC and keep it in a separate location from the original
    • Keep your PCOC away from water and moisture (e.g. use a waterproof case)
    • Avoid folding or bending your PCOC
    • Do not lend or give your PCOC to others

    How do I get a replacement boating license in Ontario?

    The best option for obtaining a new Pleasure Craft Operator Card in Ontario after losing or damaging the original is to reach out to the course provider that issued it. Transport Canada-accredited course providers are authorized to provide replacement cards for a nominal fee. Keep in mind that only certified course providers with proper accreditation like the National Boating Safety School have this authority.

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