Canadian Boating License (PCOC) Replacement Card

Have you lost or damaged your Pleasure Craft Operator Card? We can replace any official Canada boat license or issue extra cards that you can store at home, at the cottage or in your tackle box.

Once we receive your request, we can help you get your replacement.


Advantages of boating license (PCOC) replacement cards:

  • Having a spare card handy in case you lose your boating license again
  • Keeping a card in your vehicle in case you visit someone else’s cottage
  • Keeping a card in all of your boats
  • Keeping a card in your tackle box
  • You must have your card on board at all times when you are driving a motorized boat


Lost your boater’s license? Avoid getting fined!

Did you know that having an official Pleasure Craft Operator Card on board your boat is required at all times or you could face a $250 fine? Printouts of your Operator Card are not accepted as legal evidence of competency. Boat license cards issued by the National Boating Safety School are accepted everywhere in Canada, ensuring you don’t run the risk of a penalty for a lost license.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

  • Buy 3 cards for  $           11.65 per card

    Buy 3 cards for

    $ 11.65 per card
    Total $ 34.95 + taxes

    Best deal save 53%

  • Buy 2 cards for  $           14.98 per card

    Buy 2 cards for

    $ 14.98 per card
    Total $ 29.95 + taxes

  • Buy 1 card for  $           24.95 per card

    Buy 1 card for

    $ 24.95 + taxes


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