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The National Boating Safety School offers an easy 3-step process to study for the official Transport Canada boating exam and take the online boat license test for your Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

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Passing the Canadian boat exam is easy with our 3-step process

The Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) is proof that you have successfully completed a safe boating course. The simplest way to obtain your Canada boat license is to pass the official boating exam online with the National Boating Safety School, one of Canada’s leading boat safety course providers accredited by Transport Canada. 

Once you have your card, it is good for life.

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Sign up for the certified safety course

Register for the National Boating Safety School’s certified boating safety course and pay the one-time fee of $59.95. Group and family discounts are also available!

Once your information has been validated, you will receive an email confirming your payment and you will be able to begin the boating course.

Study each chapter and complete the quizzes

Study the course materials

Our Canadian boat license study guide includes 5 fun and engaging chapters that are easy to read and remember. These are timed chapters with a minimum total study time of 3 hours total. 

At the end of each chapter, you will have to complete a short 10 question, multiple-choice review quiz. You will be graded automatically and given your score online. 

You must successfully answer at least 80 % of the questions correctly (8 out of 10) in order to proceed to the next chapter. If you do not succeed, you will be asked to study the material again. 

Registration is valid for a year and you can study worry-free at your own pace on any device.

Take the final exam with Transport Canada

Take the Transport Canada boat exam

Once you have studied all 5 chapters and successfully answered all the chapter review quizzes, you will be prompted to access the final boating exam. This exam is administered by Transport Canada. 

The boating exam consists of a 50 question, multiple-choice boat license test. You must obtain a passing grade of 75% (38 out of 50). Your test results will show automatically. 

Upon successful completion, you will be able to print a temporary card immediately. If you do not succeed on the first try you will be able to take the exam again after a 24 hour period.

Why choose our safe boating course?

  • Certified by Transport Canada
  • Instructional videos and multiple choice quizzes
  • Fun and engaging content
  • Accessible on desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet
  • Easy learning retention
  • Go boating the same day once you pass the exam

Testimonials for our boat safety course

I used the National Boating Safety School on Aug/2011 for my Boating license unlike numerous other providers, they are still available to provide this service. I unfortunately lost my original license and with a simple call the NBSS was able to provide a replacement.

They were extremely friendly and the process of getting the replacement was extremely quick. I couldn’t have asked for better service for my problem.

All my family members have used the NBSS for their licenses and we are very happy we have.

Troy Boven


Highly recommended. Very easy process and I feel much safer on  the water now.

Cody McLeish


Marc provided immediate assistance when I needed it most. You were patient, polite, and on-target with your helpful suggestions. You took the initiative and phoned me to speak in person as I sorted out my issue and you didn’t make me feel rushed. You stayed on the line until all was sorted.

Five stars to you and National Boating Safety School!

Kind regards and appreciation,

Barb Windfeld


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Canadian boat exam FAQ

Is a Pleasure Craft Operator Card the same as a boat license?

Yes. The PCOC, which stands for Pleasure Craft Operator Card, acts as an official license for boaters, demonstrating their competency in safely operating a boat. To obtain the card, boaters must complete a boater safety course either online or in-person and successfully pass the final exam administered by Transport Canada.

Do I need a driver’s license to get a boat license?

Boat operators do not require a standard driver’s license, but they must have their valid Pleasure Craft Operator Card with them while operating a powered watercraft.

How long is the Transport Canada boating exam?

The Transport Canada-approved boating exam is timed at 75 minutes total (1 hour and 15 minutes). The boating safety course material requires a minimum of 3 hours of study time.

How many questions are on the PCOC exam?

To successfully complete the Transport Canada boat exam, you must answer 50 multiple-choice questions. A passing grade requires achieving a minimum of 75% correct answers, which translates to 38 questions answered correctly out of the total 50.

Does a Canadian boating license expire?

Pleasure Craft Operator Cards do not expire. If your card is lost or damaged, you will need to contact the course provider who originally issued your PCOC for a boat license replacement.

Boat safely with the National Boating Safety School

The National Boating Safety School in Canada offers Transport Canada approved safety courses for boating safety education. Our engaging course material has helped millions of Canadians to successfully pass their boating exam and obtain their Pleasure Craft Operator Card.

Should you have any inquiries regarding the process of taking and completing the online boating exam, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our team is always ready and willing to provide you with the necessary information and assistance that you need.

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