Essential Boat Handling: Mastering Boat Maneuvers™ Training Course

Level up your boating! Master docking, launching, trailering, buoys and more with our in-depth boating maneuvers course in collaboration with Drive a Boat Canada.

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What’s covered in the boating maneuvers course?

Virtual Instructor

Chart Your Course with Pat Jacobs! Your virtual instructor, Pat, offers expert guidance and support powered by advanced chat AI. Get instant assistance at the end of each chapter to ensure smooth sailing through the entire learning journey.

Handling & Docking Simulators

Master Docking & Towing Virtually! Get hands-on with realistic boat handling simulators before setting out on the water. Sharpen your maneuverability skills in a safe environment and build confidence for real-world success.

Interactive Videos & 3D Models

Fun & Engaging! Dive into instructional videos and interactive 3D diagrams that make learning a breeze. Boost your knowledge retention with a course that’s both fun and effective.

7 Knowledge-Packed Chapters

Become a Boating Master in 7 Chapters! Our course equips you with everything needed for confident navigation – from boat handling to flawless docking. Gain hands-on experience and insider tips for smooth boating, on the water and with your trailer!

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Ready to ditch the training wheels and captain your own adventure?  Our advanced course hones your docking, maneuvering, and trailering skills, but for open water freedom, you’ll need a license.

Get certified fast with the National Boating Safety School’s Transport Canada-approved boating safety course. Get your Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) and unlock a world of exploration – all in one place!

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