November 2023 - National Boating Safety School

PFD Rules and Regulations in Canada

November 28, 2023

Personal Flotation Devices or PFDs, otherwise known as life jackets, are key to safety when boating or near water. But just taking your PFD with you to the beach or on a boat isn’t going to keep you safe: you have to wear it! And, you have to wear an approved model that is right Read more ›

Drinking and Boating Laws in Canada

Just like drunk driving, boating under the influence is a serious offense under Canadian law. Not only is it illegal, drinking while driving a boat makes you a danger to yourself and others. In fact, more than half of all boating accidents in Canada are linked to the consumption of alcohol. While the legal consequences Read more ›

Boat Hull Types and Designs

November 1, 2023

When it comes to boats, the hull type is really important. It’s not just about looks – the way a boat’s hull is shaped determines what the boat can do on the water. There are different types and designs of hulls for different jobs. Some hulls move through the water by pushing it aside, making Read more ›

Fueling a PWC (Personal Watercraft)

It’s important to be careful when fueling your personal watercraft, as PWC fuel can ignite or explode when spilled, and an overfilled tank can pose a safety hazard to you and the marine environment.  What is the best way to fill the fuel tank on a PWC? It is important to fill your tank responsibly Read more ›

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