December 2022 - National Boating Safety School

What Actions to Take When a Boat Springs a Leak

December 18, 2022

A boat that springs a leak can quickly become a problem. No matter where you are, leaks can easily become a hazard. A hole below the waterline, no matter how small, can let in many gallons of water, causing the boat and everyone on board to capsize. To avoid this situation, the National Boating Safety Read more ›

What to do if your boat runs aground

December 15, 2022

Running aground is one of the most common boating accidents. Largely due to poor nautical chart reading, shallow waters and uncertain weather conditions, these accidents can happen in a matter of seconds. Should you find yourself in this situation, the National Boating Safety School explains what to do when your boat runs aground. 1. Assess Read more ›

How to Read a Marine Chart

December 5, 2022

When boating, the ability to read a nautical chart allows you to orient yourself on the open waters. This is a prerequisite for all boat operators to avoid being stranded. To help you understand nautical marine charts, the National Boating Safety School explains what you need to know. How important is reading a nautical chart Read more ›

Everything to know about boat trim

December 1, 2022

Trim is an essential part of a boat’s operation, especially for powerboats using an outboard motor. As part of the process of obtaining a boat license and before hitting the water, you need to understand how trim works and how to use it.   What is boat trim? The trim is an electronically controlled part Read more ›

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