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Boat Safely with Reboarding Devices

August 15, 2022

A reboarding device is a necessary safety feature for boats, regardless of if you plan to swim out on the water. For the navigation of Canadian waters, the boating safety experts at the National Boating Safety School explain the importance of boat reboarding devices. What is a reboarding device? A reboarding device is a safety device. Read more ›

DIY Tips on Boat Hull Repairs

August 7, 2022

Over time, your boat hull will need to be repaired. From minor weathering to scratches and deeper cracks, it’s important to protect the integrity of your boat hull. DIY repairs are possible and cost effective when done correctly. In this article, our boating safety  experts list some of the best DIY tips on how to repair Read more ›

How to Clean a Boat Hull

July 25, 2022

Cleaning a boat hull is a necessary task that often goes overlooked. Over time boats get dirty and weathered, so it’s important to regularly clean their hulls to remove any buildup of scale, rust, algae or salts. In this article, find out from the experts at the National Boating Safety School how to clean and Read more ›

Buoyant Heaving Line: Purpose, Regulations & How to Throw

A buoyant heaving line is a rope made of buoyant material designed to float on water and is to be used in the case of a person who falls overboard on a boat. A weighted floating device is attached to the end of the line so that the line itself can more accurately be thrown Read more ›

Boat fire extinguisher: classes, regulations and maintenance

June 20, 2022

Even if fires are relatively uncommon on boats, their rapid spread makes them particularly dangerous. Many factors can cause fires inside boats, specifically oil or gas leaks, short circuits or even grease catching fire on the top of stoves. To make sure you and your passengers are safe, the Canadian law states that most maritime Read more ›

Magnetic boat compass: The complete guide

June 6, 2022

Magnetic compasses have been around for years and are still used for navigation up to this day. They provide us with a bearing reference (north) and can thus reliably lead the way from A to B.  These compasses are extremely useful on boats, and they don’t even require a power source or sunlight to function. Read more ›

How to Register a Boat in Ontario

May 16, 2022

Registering a boat in Ontario is more complex than you might think. There are a few different kinds of licensing and registration in Canada, and which one you need to obtain depends on the type of vessel you have. This article explains the difference between pleasure craft licensing and vessel registration and provides an overview Read more ›

How Do I Replace a Lost Boating License in Ontario?

Have you ever had a moment of panic looking for your boating license while on the water? You have good reason—your license is a vital piece of documentation to have whenever you operate a boat on Canadian waters. Find out exactly what the licensing requirements are for recreational boating in Ontario and the rest of Read more ›

Boating in Ontario: What are the Best Boating Destinations in Ontario?

The great province of Ontario is brimming with diverse waterways for pleasure boaters to explore. From the Great Lakes to the Rideau Canal and everything in between, there are locations and activities to suit every taste and interest. The experts at the National Boating Safety School have compiled a list of the best places to Read more ›

Types of Clouds and Their Effects on Boating Conditions

May 6, 2022

Clouds are fascinating, not only because of the beautiful shapes they create in the sky, but also because they provide insights into upcoming weather conditions. Their appearance depends on several factors, including their altitude, air temperature and the particles they contain. In this article, our experts present the main types of clouds to help you Read more ›


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